Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On December's CB3/SLA docket: More taquerias! The Belgian Ale House! Something big on the Bowery!

On Monday, the CB3/SLA Licensing Committee gets together for its monthly bloodletting meeting. As Eater pointed out yesterday, "There's nothing too ground breaking here." True! Still, several interesting items. Here's the whole agenda:

Renewal with Complaint History
1. Apotheke (Apotheke LLC), 9 Doyers St (see also # 6)
2. Nurse Bettie, 106 Norfolk St (op)
3. Webster Hall, 125 E 11th St (op)

Applications within Resolution Areas
4. Hachi Enterprises Inc, 185 Orchard St (op)
5. Mini Thai Café (Tony Restaurant Group), 105 Ave A (wb)

6. Apotheke (Apotheke LLC), 9 Doyers St (trans/op)
7. Northern Spy Food Co, 511 E 12th St (up/op)
8. Via Della Pace (48 E 7th St Associates Inc), 48 E 7th St (alt/op/extend license to outside tables within building line)
9. Hea Hea Bar Restaurant (Friend Tri New York Inc), 145 E 13th St (alt/change of method of operation)
10. Inhabit Lounge (Samond Inc) 39 Eldridge St (trans/up/op)
11. To Be Determined, 432 E 13th St (trans/op) (Bistrouge)
12. 93 Art LLC, 93 2nd Ave (trans/op) (Fuse)

The Lit Lounge folks went before the CB3/SLA back in March to obtain a license transfer to launch a new venture in the space. ... in the process, Lit heard it from neighbors... since then, they've made efforts to be a better neighbor, as outlined here.

13. To Be Determined, 74 Orchard St (trans/op) (Bunny Chow)
14. 133 Essex Restaurant LLC, 133 Essex St (trans/op) (Mason Dixon)
15. Shoolbred's (211 Ave A Restaurant Inc), 197 2nd Ave (alt/op/extend license to sidewalk cafe)
16. Cooper Square Hotel (25 CSH Operating LLC), 25 Cooper Square (trans/op)

New Liquor License Applications
17. Sabor a Mexico Taqueria (Jarlene Corp), 160 1st Ave (wb)
18. Ashton Thai Place Inc, 244 E 13th St (wb)

What's going on here? This is Zabb City's address.

19. To Be Determined, 241 Bowery (op)

Ah! This is the space below the Sunshine Hotel that I noted last month... it's a HUGE space with 5,000 square feet... (BoweryBoogie has been keepings on the eatery opening next door.)

20. Belgium Ale House (Belgium NYC Corp), 54 2nd Ave (wb)

Hey! The Belgian Ale House at the Crazy Landlord building!

21. Taqueria East Village (Berraza Foods Inc), 104 2nd Ave (op)

This is the former Matsukado space... so the EV may be getting another taqueria?

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