Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Belgian Ale House crazy enough for "crazy landlord"

Remember that "crazy landlord" sign on the corner of Third Street and Second Avenue that we told you about back in March?

Thanks to an EV Grieve reader who sent along the following shot... we now know who was just crazy enough to take over this long-vacated space...The Belgian Ale House.

This will just be one of many items to be addressed on Sept. 14 in what promises to be an EPIC SLA & DCA Licensing Committee meeting.


On Sunday, the corner served again as a makeshift flea market...


Goggla said...

Interesting...I'd heard that the interior is a crazy mess and that at one time, the structure was in danger of collapsing, which is why that strange cement shell was added. A couple of restaurants have attempted to move in here before but haven't...I've always been curious about the curse on this place.

EV Grieve said...

You're right, Goggla. I got a glimpse inside once...it did seem in need of A LOT of work.

geoff matters said...

A shame, I was impressed by the message the landlord left on your previous post and was excited to see something worthwhile ("creative and exciting") eventually take over in that space. Hard to imagine Belgian Ale House being that thing.