Monday, November 22, 2010

Signage up for 'Top Chef' alum Nikki Cascone's new Avenue B eatery

In recent years, 40 Avenue B has been home to Chabela's, a Dominican restaurant, and Russo's, a pizzaria.

Now, we have new signs up for the next eatery to give the space a whirl — Octavio's Porch. Back in June, the owners pitched this to the CB3 as a "global Jewish" restaurant that will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Eater reported that Top Chef alum Nikki Cascone, who owned the now-shuttered 24 Prince, is behind this new venture. (Thought the name of this place was supposed to be Little Printz Cafe.)

Time Out just ran some photos of menu items here. You can read an interview with her at Fork in the Road here. Eater has a look at the menu here. Eater also notes the restaurant opens on Nov. 29.

[Cascone photo via Fork in the Road]


Jill said...

Interesting how the photos show a gigantic, crowded bar and a few sparsely populated tables.

Cookiepuss said...

This is something that's beyond offensive. The name Octavia's Porch is a reference to the main street in Trastevere, Rome's Jewish Ghetto.

Considering the continued annihilation of the Lower East Side, including its rich history of Jewish immigrants and culture makes this that more disturbing, and not only that, you wanna talk about a ghetto. Many of the people who live in the very immediate area live below the poverty line and have great disparages, so tell me how does this help the situation. It doesn't.

This is just another restaurant that is catalytic towards gentrification!

Shame, shame on you!

Bowery Boy said...

Nothing against Nikki, but her place on Prince Street was always empty. I'll give this new place a year, maybe two at the most, and then it will be something else again.

The East Village has become the Home of Temporary Restaurants. No wonder locals fight so hard for the places that survive for more than a decade.

I ate at the Prince St place once, and all I can say to Nikki is - if you're gonna charge $20 for an entre, how about filling the plate with food? Pretty ain't satisfying.