Monday, November 29, 2010

Restaurant with the name of a TV pilot coming to Avenue C

We've been wondering what was coming to the former (brief) home of Mr. C's on Avenue C near Seventh Street... Poor Mr. C's flamed out in a hurry.... Anyway! So, the new place coming in looks a little on the, oh, I dunno, industrial-beachy side?

The folks at New York magazine (via Grub Street) have the First Look at Edi & the Wolf, an Austrian Wine Tavern. Owners, Eduard (Edi) Frauneder and Wolfgang (the Wolf) Ban, "also operate the excellent midtown restaurant Seasonal," Grub Street reports.

Tonight on CBS, ... Edi & the Wolf, two wise-guy detectives flout the rules to lock up the street's worst vermin!

Looks and sounds interesting (the restuarant, not the made-up TV show) ....Not sure what all the rope is for... A dommes and submissives bar section?

[Roxanne Behr/New York Magazine]

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Marty Wombacher said...

Is the rope there so you can really TIE one on at the bar? Oof, sorry, I couldn't help myself. (Walks away in shame.)