Friday, November 19, 2010

A reader question

An EV Grieve reader sent this photo of an ad for the M15 Select Bus Service that just went up this week ... the reader wondered why the ad was in the N-Q-R stop on Broadway and 40th...


Ken Mac said...

The MTA is your friend all about town!

tacony palmyra said...

I use both the NQR at 40th and the M15. Why not?

blue glass said...

i watched as the M15 bus i was on was blocked by a police car theat prevented the bus from entering the bus lane (for at least 2 blocks). then the police car totally stopped in front of the bus to give a ticket to a livery driver as the driver was helping his two rickety passengers out of his cab. one rider was holding the other rider up. the stronger of the two riders tried to stop the policeman but his friend (on two hand crutches) couldn't walk without help so he had to tend to his friend.
the livery driver pointed to the folks he had helped exit the cab but the cop was totally disinterested.
these two folks could not have walked from around the corner nor from the traffic lane next to the bus lane, nor from the (what do you call it?) the pedestrian crossing.
they were walking to the entrance of a beth israel facility that had several people in front with walkers and canes.
what should the livery driver have done?