Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bookstore-cafe wanted for the Bowery Poetry Club

Last month, Celebrate Cafe, operated by the Lower Eastside Girls Club, moved out of the Bowery Poetry Club.... Bob Holman, the Club's proprietor, is now looking for a new tenant. The other day on Facebook he posted, "Anybody know anybody who wants to start a bookstore or Cafe?"

I asked Bob what his ideal candidate would be ... (Fantasies allowed too!)

"My ideal candidate is The Edwin Denby Bookstore/Gallery/Coffee Shoppe/Dance Hall!"

You can go to the Club's website for contact info and all that....


Melanie said...

This sounds great!!

Jill said...

Well, just last Saturday I wandered in there looking for a pastry and I was disappointed that the cafe was all shut down...sad and hungry. I hope they get someone good.