Thursday, November 11, 2010

Assessing the Ageloff Towers fire damage

A shot taken from EV Grieve reader Samo around 9:30 at the Ageloff Towers on Fourth Street and Avenue A.

And as we were first to report (thanks to jdx): "Fire on the 6th floor, east 4th side, caused by a burning towel left on the radiator. no fatalities."

Updated: Gothamist has more details.



blue glass said...

seems like there were a lot of fires in the 1970's. that was the time when landlords were abandoning buildings.

and now.

seems to me there have been an awful lot of fires lately.

Anonymous said...

"A burning towel left on a radiator."
A towel was on fire, so someone decided to "leave it" on a radiator?

Anonymous said...

Could've just said "towel left on the radiator". We can do the math.