Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get the lead out

Uh, how did I miss this story? From the Journal:

A test of dozens of New York City homes with older pipes found that at least 14% of the collected samples contained elevated levels of lead, New York City's Department of Environmental Protection reported Tuesday.

So you're suposed to run the water for 30 seconds before drinking it and stuff.

I have not done this... Yet, with all this extra lead, I still can't finish the Times crossword puzzle! [BOOOOOOOOOOOO!]

Anyway. Get the Led out.


Anonymous said...

For the last few months, whenever I drink water from the sink, it doesn't taste so great, and I am left with the feeling of something in the back of my throat. It even tastes like this after I run it through a filter. Finally yesterday I broke down and bought bottled water. I wonder if it is lead. I live in an old building.

Lisa said...

But how is this "news"? I've been hearing since the 1970s that many older NY buildings have lead in the water cos of the old plumbing, and here everyone is acting like this is a brand new issue. It isn't.

By the way, does everyone out there know that cigarettes are bad for you? (Cigarettes which were, BTW, already being called "coffin nails" in the 1920s.)

blue glass said...

the lead story has been all over the news - tv, radio - loud warnings, run water for 30 seconds (is that all?) before using, and then the assurances that it is all very safe.
which is it, safe or not?
i've boiled my drinking water for years now, ever since the tv said it's safe and the board of health said boil it in response to a "red alga" outbreak. i've found filtering the water (brita) to be a pain. i guess i'll have to break out the filter again.

Bob Arihood said...

thanks Grieve , I really appreciate the reminder of how it was when there were real musician and real music

Anonymous said...

What's really weird is that the "story" changed midway through it's run.
Originally they were saying that elevated levels of lead have been detected in the NYC water. But then later, they started saying that elevated levels of lead have been detected in some older buildings due to old lead solder plumbing. (are you fucking kidding?! THIS is new news!?)
The whole thing really stinks. (yeah, yeah, conspiracy, conspiracy) sigh.