Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helping save Ruby's

A petition is making the rounds to help try to save the venerable Ruby's on the Coney Island boardwalk. You can find the petition here. Many of the boardwalk's remaining longtime businesses have been giving the boot this week...

There's more coverage at Grub Street ... Amusing the Zillion .... Eater ... Jeremiah's Vanishing New York ... Kinetic Carnival ...

[Image via Ruby's]


blue glass said...

ir's amazing
we tear down the old and comfortable friendly places
to replace them with faux old, cold and uncomfortable places
and then we tout the history of the places
some old broken down places are treasured
ruby's has a place in history and should be preserved

watch out - one day we'll replace old people, old trees, anything with an "old" in the description

blue glass said...

i would sign the petition but you have to join face book to do so -
somethinig i've so far been able to avoid

Lisa said...

Yep, now it's official - we'll all be living in Disney World East once Coney Island is made safe and sanitary for the tourists. And let's not forget the swell concrete path they're gonna be laying down in lieu of that stupid wood boardwalk!

glamma said...

this should be illegal.

ShutUpHooker said...

Eminent Domain.
Unfortunately not illegal when its used like this, to declare something blighted just to put in something new and not necessarily wanted just because $$$$ talk.
Its disgusting, but its America.

Word Verification: wheadde -- made me laugh, don't know why.

Marty Wombacher said...

@blue glass: You don't need to join facecrack to sign the petition, you can do it here, I just did:

esquared said...

no need to join facebook. one can sign the petition here:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bloomturd will capitulate once the hordes besiege him.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bloomturd will capitulate once the hordes besiege him.

ShutUpHooker said...

Don't be so sure, Bloombug is a lamier duck than the usual lame duck since he forced an illegal third term because only his prescience could solve the financial disaster which STILL befell NYC and the rest of the country....
I think thats why there's a bike lane in my laundry room.

blue glass said...

thanks for the petition site.

bloomburg wants a sanitary city where tourists and students can play and spend money and then go home.
obviously those of us that live here are not important to him.
neighborhoods have nothing to offer him.
how many homes (houses) does he own?
every time he says we live in a democracy i think about his overturning the twice voted term limits so he could have a third term.
he said he was the only one that could lead us through the financial crisis. yeah, sure.
god, and i thought guliani was bad.