Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More on last night's CB3/SLA meeting

Here's my recap of last night's sometimes contentious CB3/SLA meeting right here.

You can read more coverage at:

The Lo-Down


The Local EV

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Anonymous said...

This woman on the community board, Ariel is a real sour puss. She will support anyone who wants a liquor license. I'm convinced that if Bernie Madoff proposed to open a lounge in a resolution area and offered as the public benefit free investment advice to local residents she would support him.

How is she supporting this guy Damadian. The man stood there with his lawyer in some kind of infantile autistic state mumbling, and the other guy, the manager to be sat there with a black eye, broken nose and split lip.
He must have been beaten up the night before, and these two are going to run the restaurant.