Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tree that ConEd killed disappears

For months, ConEd had been working on 11th Street just east of First Avenue ... In late June, ConEd finished up the job... leaving behind a dead tree where the steampipe was working...

Now, as EV Grieve First Avenue correspondent Blue Glass has recorded, workers have removed the dead tree...

...and started up the work again....

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Anonymous said...


Why I oughtta..!


They'd better replace that tree.

Jill said...

I noticed that the other day, there was chopped wood all over the sidewalk, it was like blood left after a murder that nobody bothered to clean up.

Lisa said...

Aw who needs trees anyway? They're overrated.

That tree won't be replaced cos Con Ed will continue going back to that spot to work. When they ripped up 11th Street in 2000 or thereabouts they put some permanent underground work stations in, and that's one of them. So the neighborhood's need for a tree is overridden by Con Ed's permanent - whatever it is.

On it! And cutting it down!

blue glass said...

con edison called the steam a leak during the last bout when steam was spewing 24 hours a day.

it's not just the dead tree, it's the large amount of steam and the possibility of it being dangerous.

the city investigated the dead tree and finaly removed it. i think they even had a committee. it's just too kafkaesque.

during the last round they had this whole system with engineers and all - were working on fixing the "leak" - now it's a work station?

a woman's work is never done!