Saturday, March 5, 2011

About HiFi (and long live El DJ!)

So yesterday afternoon, several readers noted the presence of some big yellow NYPD notices outside HiFi on Avenue A ... While we usually do call/e-mail for details on something like this, we did not yesterday. We quickly posted the photos. And we assumed the worst — as we've seen in other situations involving bars and the NYPD.

So while the bar did receive a summons from the NYPD, it did not have any impact on their business hours. HiFi was open as usual yesterday afternoon. We apologized to the folks at HiFi last evening. And we're sorry for causing any unnecessary hysteria among fans of the bar.

Meanwhile, onward!

Long live El DJ 2.0!

Here's a nice piece on El DJ by Chantal Martineau at Fork in the Road.

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