Friday, March 4, 2011

All sorts of crazy, Bao-related food shit happening on St. Mark's Place

Lordy! Eater has the details on ... on.... this:

Michael 'Bao' Huynh has a new concept up his sleeve. He's partnering with Nicole Van Croft (left!) a Playboy Bunny ... on a burger, fried chicken, and waffles concept on St. Mark's Place. Croft, who Bao says makes "the best southern style fried chicken and waffles" will be the culinary force behind the place, which will be located at 125 St. Mark's Pl. The tentative name is Bao & Buny.

And there's more... which you can read at Eater.


Dan LD said...

The restaraunt he has on that block now is closed three or four nights a week and now has the logos of various imported beers plastered on its facade. Must be a recipe for success.

Anonymous said...

This has WIN written all over it. If your business plan includes "tits and waffles," my only question is where'd you get your MBA?