Thursday, March 3, 2011

East Village Pharmacy closer to opening

As we noted in January, East Village Pharmacy is moving from Fifth Street and Avenue A to Third Street and Avenue A... the new canopy is up... (DNAinfo first reported last September that a pharmacy was set to take this space...)


Erin Bradley said...

I love EV Pharmacy but does anyone else get annoyed by (what I assume is) the owner staring at you like you're going to shoplift? He follows me down EVERY AISLE. It's a little much. I kind of want to tuck some Tic Tacs in my pocket just to spite him.

Anonymous said...

Erin, the manager of Ricky's at 14th and 3rd does the same thing. It creeped me the hell out, so now I go to the Ricky's west of Union Square.

Anonymous said...

The daughters are sexy. I think that contributes to the perpetual stink eye of the owner.