Saturday, March 12, 2011

East Village winners in the 'Best of New York'

East Village Man has compiled the East Village-related items from New York Magazine's "Best of New York" issue. There weren't actually many mentions ... here are a few...


Best Bacon and Eggs - Peels (325 Bowery at 2nd St.)

“Plants Matter” section for best veggies:

Carrots - Dirt Candy (430 E. 9th st. at Ave A)

Escarole - Porsena (21 E. 7th st. near Cooper Square)

Check out the rest at EVM.


Bowery Boy said...

Peels chicken soup $9, a burger $14 - Damn, that better be some very, very good food. They should have a sign that says, "Tourists Eat Here, i.e. Suckers Only". I can't see it lasting more than 2 yrs. Next!

Anonymous said...

That's something that tires me about living in the city. People constantly burning all this energy tracking down the very best burger, best sushi, best donut, best cupcake, best coffee. The whole "foodie" approach to eating. It's tiresome. This ain't sports, enough with the constant competing and geeking out. There's good food all over the place, let's all STFU for a change.