Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Putting together the pieces of Grace Farrell's last days

We've been following the story of Grace Farrell, the woman who was found dead under the scaffolding at St. Brigid's on Feb. 20. Reports of her death in the media haven't quite been in sync what people have been talking about in the neighborhood. Bob Arihood has more details on Grace at Nadie Se Conoce, including the last night of her life... in which she quietly walked out of Cowboy Stanley's apartment without either the coats that she owned. Read Bob's post here.

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Anonymous said...

I think Bob is alluding to the fact that Grace got lost "between the cracks". She needed help as she said upon admission to the hospital--was given a combination of drugs and needed someone to help her adjust to these meds. She may have just walked outsidein a daze and froze to death because she fell asleep in the 20F weather. No one will ever know. That's a trajedy.