Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Screw Los Angeles: Looking to rekindle NYC's rude side

A few weeks back, Travel + Leisure's annual Favorite Cities poll named Los Angeles as the least friendly city in the country... narrowly edging New York.

All this spawned a new Tumblr — RudeNYC. According to the site:

We need to use this website as our central point for evidence that NYC is the rudest place in America so we can send it to Travel + Leisure Magazine to secure the title belt in 2012.

The site is a collection of reader-submitted "rude happenings" witnessed throughout NYC. Like!

Woman is crocheting, taking up 2 seats on the 8:30am downtown 6 train on a Monday - train is packed and someone accidentally bumps into her bag of yarn on the ground she looks up and yells “What the fuck is wrong with you!”

I was curious about the site, and tracked down the blog's author. Turns out he is a graduate student at NYU. While it started as a class project, the author, who works in the city, will continue it after the semester ends.

"I think NYC residents being rude is one of the best things about living here — there is always something to laugh about, especially when I'm commuting to work each day," he said.

You can also find them Rude NYC here on Twitter. Perhaps an antidote to the Niceness Trend we've seen of late ...


Anonymous said...

Please let's all vote for NYC as rudest city to keep out all these @$^#ing tourists!

Anonymous said...

Ah, another ignorant transplant.

NYC isn't rude, especially in the outerboroughs that aren't gentrified shitholes.

You better mind your manners or get stomped. Transplants think that its okay to be rude because its NYC, but a real native born would never overstep their bounds unless they're looking for a fight.

What a douche.

Anonymous said...

Really? His site suggests Scott Disick from some Kim Kardashian bullshit and Angelina from Jersey shore should represent rude NY.....Don't promote this shit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they just "followed" me on Twitter earlier today. I guess they scoured your Twitter "followers" list and have been "following" your followers. Oy. Anyway, I thought some of the posts on Twitter were funny so I am now "following" them. Heh. I'm not taking them too seriously. I just like to laugh at funny anecdotes now and then.
-Roger Paw

Anonymous said...

It's not that people here are rude; sometimes we (ok - I) act like assholes even when wrong (like crossing the street against the light or when bikes piss us off.)
We are, more than anything, crowded. So we pay attention to the flow (hello texters!) and generally try to keep to ourselves. We will give you detailed directions if you ask. We will give you a quarter or a dollar when the time is right. We want to live and let live.
It's not rocket science but I guess it's not for everyone either.
bless you all, my good enough neighbors!

shmnyc said...

I agree with Anonymous #2.

In my experience, the rudest people are commuters, not the people who live here.

Crazy Eddie said...

Hey, nobody walks in LA.

I'm a native, but transplants are OK if they are cool. How about Jack Kerouac, Jimi Hendrix, David Byrne, Charlie Parker and the coolest of them all, Louie Armstrong. I know this list is short and can go on and on but I think you get my point.

. said...

I just UNfollowed that Twitter page. Too juvenile. I thought maybe there'd be some good posts to come but some seem fake and others are trying too hard to be clever. Instead, they just come off as lame. Oops, I'm sorry, was that RUDE?
-Roger P

OWR said...

Yes Rude and abusive people really makes my heart and feet bounce with a happier step. Only an out-of-NYC asshole ( people like Ant) would subscribe to the belief that abusing another person is so with-it. I spent my whole life in this city, in the worst part-ofthe-town and have never been abusive or disrespectful to another person (wifllfully). If that would catch on there would no need to abuse/hurt each other.