Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sidewalk shed comes down at 147 First Ave. — now what?

Several readers noted yesterday that workers removed the sidewalk shed from 147 First Ave. at Ninth Street... Not much has seemingly been going on here since we reported that the space would be demolished... or become a motel.


The "for rent" signs went up in August...

Icon Realty has the listing for the ground-floor space ... which states "perfect for retail store, restaurant." (We sent an e-mail to Icon asking for details.)

We're not sure what's next for the rest of the building. The DOB issued new permits last week for work on "apartment houses."

Last year, Curbed reported that developer Terrence Lowenberg was the owner .. and he hired the notorious Issac & Stern firm as the architects. (New York magazine called Ramy Issac "the controversial penthouse king of the East Village.")

Here's what the space looks like as of last evening.

There's also no word yet where the panhandlers have relocated... In any event, keep an eye on this space.

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nygrump said...

uh, yeah, "panhandlers"

Anonymous said...

i like it how it is.

by the way, the huuuuge scaffolding came down also yesterday on the side of that annoying religious school etc. whatever the f it is at 220 E 4th. I guess they re-surfaced the entire west facing wall of the building. It took many months. It is now a thick tan smooth cement wall instead of the brick. Can't tell exactly what it was all about. Now that construction is done we can look forward to more of those misbehaved screaming and chanting children with teachers who don't tell them to pipe down!

HippieChick said...

Well, they certainly didn't do a lot of work on the place. I guess it now goes back to being a rat ranch and pigeon hostel. Maybe the red-tailed hawk will move in. Lunch buffet!

Anonymous said...

the scaffolding on the historic 4th street row houses came down yesterday as well, but work continues.

maybe they didn't pay their bills?

ShutUpHooker said...

I miss Angelica's Herb :(

Jill said...

So what the heck did they do with that scaffolding? It looks exactly the same. I don't understand scaffolding - it seems so often it goes up and comes down years later with nothing happening in between. Do the developers run out of money after paying for the scaffolding? Curious minds would like to know.

Once I saw a play where the main character got a hard on every time he saw scaffolding because it reminded him of his horny teenage years.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:21

Call your mom; see if you can move back in with her.