Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bike lane patrol

EV Grieve correspondent Bobby Williams noted yesterday that police officers were on Second Avenue at Fifth Street waiting for cyclists to run the red light... the fellow pictured apparently didn't stop, and was let off with a warning.

Let's not mention this to samo, OK? Previously.


Uncle Waltie said...

If there's one intersection where you're gonna get pulled over for a traffic violation it would be the one on 5th and 2nd. I've seen motorists getting stopped for unnecessary horn blowing.

Anonymous said...

Unnecessary horn blowing is annoying and should be fined. There's signs everywhere stating the fine so GOOD.

Anonymous said...

good i'm tired of nearly getting hit every morning by a speeding biker

Anonymous said...

EVG thanks for thee heads ups. I commute to work on my bike everyday and I am sure as fuck not going to get victimized by the police. I'm stopping at every red light these days, NYPD those rapist douches are not going to have their way with me.

@anon 2:23, if you don't treat the street and bike lanes as your own personal sidewalk, you won't have these run-in's. Bicycles are traffic too, once you realize that, then maybe the world won't seem like such a dangerous, unpredictable place.