Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week in Grieview

Ray's closed (Monday) ... and reopened (Friday)

City issues demolition permit for Mars Bar (Thursday)

Big Gay Ice Cream shop opening on Seventh Street (Wednesday)

A night with the Chillmaster (Monday)

Joey Ramone would have been 60 (Thursday)

A bad sign on Avenue B (Wednesday)

The Amato Opera building is for sale (Tuesday)

East Village bars and restaurants with 0 violation points from the DOH (Thursday)

The resident who chased a party bus (Tuesday)

Sorry about borrowing the menu from Prime Meats (Friday)

Some CB3/SLA highlights (Tuesday)

Wanna buy a boutique hotel? (Monday)

Ideas for donating books (Wednesday)


Anonymous said...

There were 3 "party" buses on Ave B Sat night, when I called 311 at 3am I was left in a never ending holding pattern. Then I hung up and called 911. The operator hung up on me. That's my city now. Endless suburbanite spawn in large groups shipped in on buses. Annoying transplants doing annoying things on my dime as they claim expression of themselves. I just want to know, is there no person in the town you were raised that misses you? It is a large country we live in, why do you all move here? It's not that great, and it's full.

Lux Living said...

Are those Lady Gaga?