Friday, May 27, 2011

Developer: A shorter building in the works now for 75 First Avenue

Anthony Marano, the developer at 75 First Avenue, sent us an email following our update on the site the other day. (Read that post here.)

He said that this rendering shows the building that the city approved before the zoning changed in November 2008. It's a little different than what we saw before.

Marano said that they have re-structured the financing and are working on plans to proceed with a shorter building — roughly 80 feet shorter. So perhaps something like the above but not as tall.

As for rentals or condos, he said, "We are trying to do rentals, but it will be subject to the final offers we get for financing."



Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

New zoning rules don't allow for all that open space in front of the building. Buildings are now supposed to be constructed at, or near, the street line.

Also, buildings on avenues are limited to 80 feet. If we're talking units with 9'ceilings, that would allow about 8 stories.

The building in the mock up would now have four fewer floors and extend out to where the Rite Aid meets and the building on the other side of it meet the sidewalk.

Can't say what's up with the build-out over the RiteAid. Is that still kosher?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, could you make that building a little uglier? Maybe add some vinyl siding and some of those flimsy little chicken wire balconies to pad the square footage?

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Well, 8 floors is not as bad as 14, but this is still crazy....or dull and boring, I can't decide.