Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reminders tonight: Supporting the Essex Street Market

From Cynthia Lamb in a post at the Lo-Down:

The future of the Essex Street Market is finally being brought to the table at the upcoming Community Board 3 meeting [tonight at 6:30 pm, 189 Allen Street], in light of the public outcry over its possible demolition. The agenda calls for a discussion, which includes representatives from Project for Public Spaces, an organization that seeks to “transform public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation and serve common needs.” The Essex Street Market already is a vital place and a local asset; it can continue to be rejuvenated, and it does serve common needs. How fortunate we are to have such a lively, diverse, historic market in our neighborhood.

[Photo via The Lo Down]


Tom said...

Growing up in the Baruch Houses in the late 50s and early 60s, I think about 50% of the food that went into my mouth came from the Essex Street Market. Back then, the other half of the Essex Street Market (the half south of Delancy)was in full use as a market too.

Anonymous said...

Please support the preservation of the Essex Street Markets. This is a great opportunity to not only preserve and bring back to life such extraordinary symbolic structures, but also to retain and create small businesses in the area. People say well don't you think that it can turn into the Chelsea Market. I say it doesn't have to.

What has to happen is:

A renovation and upgrade of all existing structures, the skylights are great! Keep all booths in the market fairly small and open. Let the spaces be for small businesses only. In other words no chains, franchisees, etc.. Close the markets down at a reasonable hour and don't allow alcohol. This could be a great place for small businesses. If a business becomes popular and wants to expand to a bigger space than what's available at these structures, then it's time to leave and lots of luck.

The Chelsea Market has become a real shit-show mall with stores like Anthropologie. I do think that with a strong concept that the preservation and revitalization of the Essex Street Market could work . I'm thinking of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. How beautiful and fun it is.

People say well it won't work because all of the markets are not connected. Well so what. Start out at the building south of Delancey using the door at the southern end. Then come out of the door on the north side onto the street. Cross the street walking north and on to the next market. Great fun!

The problem with this idea is that it interferes with peoples plans to want to turn Essex Street into the Bowery that we know today and it also cuts into peoples dreams of turning Delancey street into des Champs Elysees.

Who, who are these people who go against the market. I'll tell you.

The Bloomberg Administration, architects and developers, real estate investors, building owners in the area, many condo and co-op owners, community board members who are on the land use committee and or the SLA committee who want to turn the entire neighborhood into a playground for the rich, and all because of money and power.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right. It could turn into the Bowery.
I wanted to move here because I loved the character and mix of people on the lower east side but in such a short time I've seen the neighborhood change into an all night party of brats and fashionistas. The last time i had a good nights sleep was six years ago before I moved here. There are more and more hotels and luxury housing too.
I support the preservation of the Essex Street Market and go against the iconic tower that they want put on one of the sites.
If they would like to put an affordable apartments (yeah right!) on top of one of the vacant sites, I'm all for it but it must be one hundred percent affordable no mixed income buildings, they are manipulative compromises.
I didn't move here so i could be surrounded by wealthy people, 24 hr. high end restaurants, clubs and cupcakes. Preserving the markets is a great idea. i saw the pictures on The Lo-Down of the old interior, beautiful.

ps i love Reading Terminal Market