Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the CB3/SLA June docket: Takers for Barbao, Sin Sin, Kurve — and 34 Avenue A, again

The June CB3/SLA agenda is out... (it should be on the CB3 website shortly) ...

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, June 20 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 E. 5th St. at Bowery.

Among the items of interest:

Applications within Resolution Areas

• To Be Determined, 14 Ave B (op)

The East Village Brewery & Beer Shop, who borrowed the Prime Meats menu, is back on the docket.

• To Be Determined, 34 Ave A (op)

More activity on the former Mo Pitkin's/Aces & Eight space. And still no idea who is behind the venture... just yet.

• JujoMukti Tea Lounge (JujoMukti Inc), 211 E 4th St (wb)

• The Saint Mark's Red House (TTD& G LLC), 115 St Marks Pl (wb)

This is Barbao, which, as you're painfully aware, has been closed of late. I guess we know why now.

• MAT NA Bar and Grill (6 St Marks Restaurant LLC), 6 St Marks Pl (wb)

Looks like something for the shuttered Cafe Hanover eatery that was once Mondo Kim's.

Sidewalk Café Applications

Bistro Nomad (78 Second Ave Sandwich Shop, Inc), 78 2nd Ave (alt/expansion of sidewalk café to 10 tables and 21 chairs)

New Liquor License Applications

• Company, 242 E 10th St (op)


• Café 81, 81 E 7th St (op)


• Karczma (Karczma NY Inc), 178 2nd Ave (op)

This is Pangea's address... We're find out what this is all about...

• Empellon, 105 1st Ave (op)

This is the address of Counter. wd~50 pastry chef Alex Stupak received the OK from the CB3/SLA last November for a "fine-dining Mexican restaurant."

• Luzzo's (Luzzo's East), 211-213 1st Ave (op)

• Bar Veloce (175 2nd Ave Corp), 175 2nd Ave (op)

• Slices Group, Inc., 248 E 5th St (op)

This was once home to Sin Sin. According to reports, the landlord's son wanted to open a bakery here. Slices Group? This sounds more like pizza. Or bacon!

• Cooper Craft & Kitchen (Trim Castle Corp), 87 2nd Ave (op)

It's the former Kurve/Rhong Tiam space that the Dempsey's owner wants to turn into a craft beer-focused restaurant. The East Fifth Street Block Association had been opposed to this license. Read that here.


dmbream said...

RE: Slices -


EV Grieve said...

Ah, pie. Sure!

blue glass said...

New Liquor License Applications

#12 • Company, 242 E 10th St (op)

how can this be an application for a new license when the bar has been here for years?

the owners originally presented themselves as a restaurant.
it took years for them to finally have some finger food. it is not clear when food is available except that they periodically post a menu in the window.

Anonymous said...

Karczma is a Polish restaurant in Greenpoint. Might be the same owners.