Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lower East Side artists now larger than life — on canvas

It's likely that you spotted a few workers carrying a large portrait of Clayton Patterson up the Bowery the other day...

Indeed, the portrait is the latest from Curt Hoppe, the legendary hyper-realist artist who is among those showing new work starting this Saturday at the Woodward Gallery on Eldridge Street.

Hoppe is currently working on a series of paintings of fellow Lower East Side artists. Here's Patterson posing with his portrait.

Curt also sent along his portrait of Arturo Vega ...

...and in progress.

Curt hopes to show this series together — likely 15 portraits in total ... we're looking forward to seeing these.

[Photos courtesy of Curt Hoppe]

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Marty Wombacher said...

Very cool that Arturo Vega is included! The man who designed the infamous Ramones logo! I'll have to check out the show, sounds cool.