Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More on this past weekend's Avenue B party bus

A reader shared information after seeing our post from yesterday titled Buses, Bouncers and a Mysterious Avenue B part spot:

I took [a photo] of the party bus at approximately 3 a.m. on Friday night (early Saturday morning). By that point there was a cop car, an ambulance and a fire truck within the span of 2nd and 4th Streets on Ave B. One kid was unconscious sitting (more like slumped) on a stoop; when the cops asked his friends how old the kid was, they said 17. Saw another kid already in the ambulance.


Anonymous said...

my guess is its rich kids from the UES or Westchester renting this bus, renting an apartment for the night and doing all sorts of drugs.

Shawn said...

The clock is ticking on these party buses. It's just a matter of time.

Richard D James said...

Meanwhile, on Saturday, at 1am I passed 9 police officers + 1 massive light rig on Orchard street on the 3 block walk btw Delancey and Houston.

What were they doing? TBH - not sure. Observing the Murray Hill crowds that takeover the LES on the weekends?

I have to say I am outraged that
1. That 9 cops are in the LES sitting on their asses instead of stopping real crimes in rougher neighborhoods. That and, if you are down here - do something instead of standing around.
2. Why are the cops policing the streets and real bars, when people are illegally partying at the Le Souk space and the cops do nothing about it.

With crime going up, why are bars and venues getting hit so hard (I know the answer: money). Don't get me wrong, I hate the noise, the Murray Hill & UES crowds ruining our neighborhoods, but more than anything, I care most about our neighborhoods being safer from REAL crime.

Jill said...

As the mother of a 17 year old, this makes me very, very sad. And scared.

Anonymous said...

It is all connected. The time where a community allows 17 yr old over spoiled spawn to take over several blocks in a neighborhood is the tipping point. And it flows downward. Should police officers be chasing murder's and rapists, absolutely. Yet as much as I despised Guiliani, his quality of life idea had substance. Allowing minor crap like 300 drunk 17 yr olds to party on buses and illegal bars leads to worse crimes.
Jill, your child is fine. You raised that child to be an intelligent, fine human being. The brats I observed puking on my doorstep had NOTHING in common with your child.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for cops doing nothing in the hood, more crime=less yunnies!( Affluent self important transplants prefer neighborhoods with less crime). I had my bike stolen from my hands at 7, nothing scares me. Bravo lazy cops! We are only at the tip of the aftermath of our bad economy. Crime is on the upswing in our city. Translation the East Village/Lower East Side is very dangerous, very, very dangerous.

~evilsugar25 said...

ok, i'm really done with this neighborhood. every single day brings with it 2, 3, 4, 5 different things that turn my stomach. i now need some constructive suggestions on places to move. c'mon everyone, let's just go re-make the "old EV" somewhere else, eh? help me out here, because this hood that i loved, that i have lived in for almost 20 years, where i OWN A HOME! is waaay past the tipping point. i'm tired of the kvetching, the closings, the the yunnies vs crusties, the puke. i give up. I GIVE UP. YOU WIN, SPRING BREAKERS!

now help me out: where to?