Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is Karczma the landlord's backup plan for Pangea on Second Avenue?

While looking at the June CB3/SLA docket, the following item jumped out at me from the New Liquor License Applications section:

• Karczma (Karczma NY Inc), 178 2nd Ave (op)

This is the address of Pangea. As for Karczma, Eater noted that "presumably this is a new location of one of Greenpoint's favorite Polish restaurants."

Earlier this spring, Pangea owner Stephen Shanaghan told me that he was embroiled in "a landlord-tenant dispute," which caused the restaurant to close for several days in early May.

However, after spending all of May 4 in court, "Pangea has come to a new agreement with the landlord."

Upon hearing of the listing for Karczma, Shanaghan told me, "It appears that the landlord had a backup plan in the works. I hope it all turns out in our favor."



Jill said...

I'm having trouble with a word that has rczm in it, in that order. I need to buy a vowel.

gecko said...

This would be the third restaurant under the same owner; not just Karczma, but also Krolewskie Jadlo in Greenpoint (both restaurants are EXCELLENT). Greenpoint prices would be nice, too, but there's probably Manhattan rent that has to be paid.

@Jill: Vowels are very expensive in Poland. (But, if you want to fake it, the z in sz or cz functions like the h in English sh or ch.) I suggest you not move to Szczecin.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to get another Polish place, especially if it were good, and reasonable. I ate at Pangea many years ago and the food was not edible (that's why it's dark inside -- they do not want you to see the food -- it ain't pretty) - bring on the Polish!