Thursday, May 19, 2011

A cleaner Ray's still not clean enough for the DOH

Speaking of Ray's Candy Store... We've heard from several residents who worked till the wee hours of the morning helping Ray clean up his shop after the DOH closure on Monday.

Unfortunately, despite an improvement, the cleaner space wasn't enough to pass muster with the DOH. As Bob Arihood reports at Neither More Nor Less, an inspector found more mouse droppings upon a return visit yesterday afternoon.

Also in front of Ray's — Jewels wiggles his dick at the NYPD. Bob has that post here.


Anonymous said...

Kudos on the clean up but he is missing the point. He has got to get rid of the mice! Plug up all the holes they can come in through and put some traps out in the back. You just can't run a business infested with mice.

Dave on 7th said...

@ Anon. That's an excellent point and is exactly what the several friends of Rays mentioned in the post were in fact doing. Ray is dealing with a decaying building that requires serious maintenance. two different exterminators pointed out the fact the rear of the building is filled with building debris and a rear door with huge openings. None of that is Ray's fault or responsibility. It's the landlords. so far traps have been set and holes have been closed, and the space is probably as clean as its been in 50 years. it's still not a new space, though, and that's insurmountable with out a gutting.

Anonymous said...

Our shop down the street was inspected again today, the third time in a year. I've only been around 16yrs (I'm a pup compared to Ray). But WTF! I feel the Bloomberg machine nipping at my heels. How can small businesses compete? People like us, the ones left anyway, do not have the resources to gut a space and set up with stainless, glass, bells and whistles. Where did our neighborhood go?
Ray is going to have a hell of a time navigating through this one. Any carpenters out there?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Interesting comment from Dave on 7th. Anonymous at 11:29 AM too.

What Anonymous at 11:29 AM wrote reflects the same sentiments I heard from small business around the neighborhood when asking them to put some housing-related posters in their windows. Most were happy to do so and a quite a few of them unloaded on Bloomberg for all the ways he's been bad for small businesses in this city.

Bloomberg's tax breaks for big corporations have come at the expense of the little guys.

Anonymous said...

Is the landlord cooperating with Ray in regards to clearing up the mice infestation? Does anyone know?