Sunday, May 8, 2011

For the birds on Avenue A

[Photos by Bobby Williams]


Anonymous said...

Yay! I saw these amazing birds outside Furry Land (A b/t 12th and 13th) tonight. There also may or may not be a few adorable cats living at Furry Land now ... but my pal Minnie McSorely tells me to cool it on the storecat intel. ^..^

I usually go to Petland (14th close to B), but I also like Petopia (14th closer to 1st). I wanted to avoid Petopia since they are in the dreaded A Building, but they're amazingly well-stocked, especially with healthy pet foods, and so very nice, and there are often puppies in there. I love all our UEV pet stores. :)

Roger_Paw said...

Petland and Petco are fat belly chain stores. There are plenty of small, independent, great quality pet supply stores in the EV and LES.

Looking at caged birds makes me so sad. I lived in Australia for a little while and would see lorikeets (similar to parakeets) in the wild. They were so beautiful and fun to see. They were as common as our sparrows!

Anonymous said...

Well Roger_Paw, for a very long time Petland was the only pet store on this end of the hood. Also, they are a franchise, so technically independently owned, and not like Petco, a corporation (and one I didn't even mention above).

glamma said...

those poor f*cking birds.