Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to get a new tree for your block

For months last year, ConEd worked on 11th Street just east of First Avenue ... In late June, ConEd finished up the job... leaving behind a dead tree where the steampipe was working...

Meanwhile, someone removed the dead tree.

Seems reasonable that residents along here might ask about a tree replacement. Here's the response a resident received from Councilmember Rosie Mendez's office about such a request:

Con Edison has informed us that they do not replace trees. All curb line trees belong to the City of New York. Only the City can put in a claim for their property. If you plant a tree on City property (Curb), after one year it becomes the property of the City of New York. According to the City Parks Department, trees should be planted 20 feet from steam mains. The tree that was killed did not meet this stipulation since it was closer than 20 feet from the steam main.

[Y]ou or the block association can request a tree from the City free of charge. You can go to [this website].

However, the city and the Parks Department will probably suggest that you plant it somewhere else to meet the 20 feet requirement.

Got all that?

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Lisa said...

The tree was probably there long before Con Ed decided to put in a steam main on the site, and of course they are such idiots (On It!) it would never occur to them to put the main farther away. Just easier to kill a tree.