Sunday, May 1, 2011

Signs of spring: Peter Corbin, aka the Bike Man

Back on the corner of Seventh Street and Avenue A. (Read more about him here. BoweryBoogie recently noted the return of another bike repairman, Natividad Zirate.)

Photo by Bobby Williams.


Anonymous said...

Another update on Natividad who works on 2nd Ave and Houston - his tools were just all thrown out by the Parks Dept.

NY Times article

Lyn Pentecost said...

Ok- here's the deal: That corner of 2nd Ave and Houston Street is about to be taken over by the Guggenheim Museum and their hired artists. They are building a "Pop-Up" Community Center and Outdoor Cafe in the Park. Construction has begun. From August through October they are going to 'show' us how to be a community. (First step- throw out real community people! They are sooo unsightly and get in the way). Nat is a really lovely guy and it would be nice if we -the actual community- could protect him in some way from this over-the-top Parks Dept/BMW/Guggenheim take-over. Particularly ironic in the fact that Nat repairs community bikes while BMW sponsors a 'community center'. Ideas anyone?