Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Workers at 35 Cooper Square suddenly find the blue tarp

To protect the side of the Cooper Square Hotel from the elements. Where was this when the roof of the historic 35 Cooper Square was rotting while exposed to the elements?



Lisa said...

It was having tea and cookies with a bunch of treacherous cutthroats, a.k.a. the Landmarks "Preservation" Committee, and they were all laughing at the naivete of the stupid local yokels for whom money is not everything, or indeed the only thing, who actually thought that by recalling its rich history, pointing out its neighborhood-friendly scale and beauty, and asking to retain some tradition, they might actually save 35 Cooper Square from the depredations of an interloper developer. Silly us.

Goggla said...

@Lisa - I wish we'd put a wire on you.

The good news is luxury developers are currently at work on that tenth level of hell where they'll all soon reside.