Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You will now be able to enjoy your Joey Ramone on Joey Ramone Place

Peels, home to the Joey Ramone and situated on Joey Ramone Place, received the OK from the CB3/SLA committee Monday night to put out a sidewalk cafe. As Eater reported, "Peels' sidewalk cafe will be particularly large with an additional 46 seats outside."

46 seats? Will this make it the largest sidewalk cafe on the Bowery? Gemma, DBGB or Pulino's don't seem quite big enough for 46. I dunno. What do you think? Gemma does seem pretty big.


Anonymous said...

At least Peels serves really great fresh food, while the people who go there may be slightly annoying - it's not nearly as bad as Gemma. Gemma has terrible service and the food is average at best.

Dave on 7th said...

New York's incredible shrinking sidewalks. I remember going to the Sidewalk Cafe cause it was the only place you
could eat on the sidewalk, and deal with the then requisite panhandling while nursing your hangover in the noon day sun enjoying scrambled eggs and a pre-Starbucks capacinno.

bowery boy said...

I actually like sidewalk tables, but Pulino's and Gemma go way out further than their approval allows. It's getting hard to get past them without bumping into the corner of a table. I wish they'd reel them in to where they are supposed to be so I'm not forced to be the a-hole complainer.

HEY19 said...

@Bowery Boy - Passive aggressive complaining counts. Kidding! I agree people should follow the regs.