Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Facing eviction, Village Scandal holding sale to pay for legal fees

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Village Scandal, the vintage hat shop, is in its 16th year at 19 Seventh St. However, owner Wendy Barrett (above, right) says that she has been battling eviction ever since A.J. Clarke became the property management in 2004. After an ongoing series of legal fights, a court issued a Warrant of Eviction to the marshal on June 10.

Barrett recently shared four shopping bags of legal documents with us during a store visit. "I've become a bag lady," she says rather grimly.

It's a complicated story that involves more than $60,000 in back rent and real estate taxes that have been accruing since 2004. She claims that A.J. Clarke has been "deliberately manipulating" her to keep the store in eviction status. And she has every document related to the case. Barrett lays out the details of the ongoing legal battle in the following video filmed during the summer... (Too much to detail in a blog post, to be honest.)

An appellate court just turned down Barrett for a 60-day extension to perfect her appeal. Today, her attorney, Andrew Molbert, is refilling the request to reargue her case. Meanwhile, Barrett is trying to raise money so the issues of the case can be heard in State Supreme Court. She says that she was never able to present her side of the case in any court.

So that means the store is selling items at 50 percent off to raise money for legal fees. They'll also be a fundraiser soon at Cafe Mocha on Second Avenue. (She's also asking for people to sign a petition of support at the store to send to A.J. Clarke.)

"This is the most egregious abuse," she says of the ongoing eviction drama. "I've been tortured by this."


glamma said...

please post a link to the petition

EV Grieve said...

Hi Glamma,

You have to stop by the store to sign the petition... it's not online, though it should be...

Anonymous said...

what is the petition for?

EV Grieve said...

@anon 1:18

To show support for the store... to tell the property management that people like the shop, etc.

Natasha Huang said...

Im the stores publicist and its sad :( Its a great East Village shop.

Anonymous said...

Signing a petition cannot keep a store open!!! Paying your rent can!

starzstylista said...

This is ridiculous. This woman has ongoing problems with AJ Clarke for 7 years? I am an attorney. I have had dealings with them. They are no legal beagles. This woman has not been paying her rent.

I have been in the neighborhood many more than the 16 years this shop has been there. I don't think I have ever passed by and not thought "how the hell are they making their rent."