Tuesday, October 18, 2011

JoeDoe opening JoeDough on First Avenue

In November 2009, Habib's Place on Avenue A near Sixth Street closed rather suddenly... Then came the news that Habib relocated to the former Question Mark Cafe space at 135 First Avenue between St. Mark's and Ninth Street. And that venture seemed to close just as suddenly and quietly.

Anyway, Grub Street reports that the husband-and-wife team behind JoeDoe on East First Street are opening a gourmet sandwich shop at 135 First Avenue called — seriously — JoeDough. It will open sometime this fall, per Grub Street.

Personally, I wouldn't mind having another normal, nongourmet sandwich place like Sunny & Annie's on Avenue B at Sixth Street.

And does anyone know what happened to Habib?


Lux Living said...

Why does everything have to be a "gourmet" something or other. Or an "artisanal" something or other?

Arthur said...

Ever been to JoeDoe? It's great, unfancy food.

Judging from the sandwiches I've had there, this is going to be a great addition.

Seriously, try it out--not everything new is bad.

Matt said...

JoeDoe is great and the people there are lovely. It's been awhile but I don't even think the prices are too crazy. I do miss Habib, though.

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw Habib was at his second tiny place on 1st St., just as it was opening. When I went back, it and Habib were gone. I have not seen him since.

I've tried to like the little falafel place on the west side of 1st Ave. between, IIRC, 2nd and 3rd. The guys there are nice but the food there is okay but it isn't up to Habib's standards.

Without some capital, I suspect trying to run a tiny business in the EV, esp. one that depends on developing repeat customers over time, is very tricky. I still feel bad for Habib getting jerked around by his landlord(s) on 9th St. As much as I wish Habib would reopen in the EV, I hope he's opened a lovely little joint in Brooklyn that will eventually be discovered and then swamped and I'll never get in.

Was anyone else here a fan of Habib's sister's pecan chocolate pie? For my money, it was the best dessert in the EV, perhaps only rivaled by Momofuko Dairy's Crack pie or a scoop of NYC ICY's mango-basil sorbet on an August evening.