Saturday, November 5, 2011

Do rats know how to Push?

In our ongoing coverage of the TSP Ratstravaganza, we've discussed the problems with the trash outside the Park — specifically on the corners of 10th Street and Avenue A that provided another possible source of food. You know, just dart across the street for the smörgåsbord.

Anyway, the city has added new Push tops on the corner cans.

We waited to post these until the early reviews were in... so far, the new Push lids haven't been reviewed on Yelp.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather litter than have to push in that stupid lid

Anonymous said...

I know, the effort involved in pushing the lid, just so that someone can collect our garbage for us and ship it hundreds of miles to a land fill, is just more than I can bear!

Dr Gecko said...

Oh, great. They put out rat-proof trash baskets, and then put directions on them telling the rats how to get inside. IN GREAT BIG LETTERS, because rats are nearsighted.

EV Grieve said...

@ Dr. Gecko