Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[EVG Flashback] Why people move away

Originally posted on Feb. 4, 2009...

I've noticed a few more people than usual moving from the neighborhood. (Perhaps there's a reason for so many more men with vans signs.) Given the drop in some rentals, maybe these people are just moving a few blocks away to a building with better deals. Or maybe they lost everything and have to go bunk with a relative. Or maybe they came here during the heady days of, say, 2005 and figured to become the next Carrie Bradshaw. (Or at least have the chance to sit on her stoop!) I wish I could go up to these people and conduct exit interviews. Why are you moving? What will you miss about the neighborhood? What are you glad to be leaving behind? I'm always curious about this.

Luckily, I came across a blog written by a young professional living on the LES. After one year here, she is moving to another undisclosed neighborhood. Almost in answer to my questions, she provided a list of things she will miss and not miss about her apartment and the LES. Among the items:

Things I will miss:
--The gym. I hope I can still force myself to go to the gym when it isn’t in my building!
--My stainless steel stove
--Dry cleaning in the building
--The statue of Vladimir Lenin on top of the Red Square building. I can see him from my bed so I wake up to him with his right arm in the air every single morning.

Things I will not miss:
--The girls who scream, “Where’s my boyfriend!?” at 4 a.m. while leaving the Lower East Side bars on any given day
--The symphony of honking on Houston Street that forces me to sleep with earplugs
--The fresh vomit that I sometimes step over while leaving for [work] on any given day
--The smell of pickles from Katz Deli that I am forced to inhale when walking home every day
--The fact that there is not a close enough Starbucks
--The mural of Kiss on the brick wall on the bar across from my apartment

I guess that says it all.


Anonymous said...

Classic! I love it. TYPICAL elitist whine-fest.

Anonymous said...

What a dolt.

abrod said...

good riddance. whining about Starbucks and the (awesome) Eddie's mural removes any legitimacy from the other issues (screaming girls, horns etc).
she must have lived in one of those new luxury condos, to have a gym in the building - or do any normal buildings down here have gyms?

Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Glenn Belverio said...

There is something seriously wrong with someone who doesn't like the smell of pickles. Good riddance, don't come back!!

Anonymous said...

So basically, she doesnt like any thing that makes LES the LES and only likes the generic comforts that money can buy

BBnet3000 said...

Was going fine but lost me at Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Sounds reasonable to me.

glamma said...

those half sours look TASTY.