Wednesday, December 7, 2011

But will they have bars called the 13th Step and Billy Hurricane's?

Well, SO MUCH East Village-related news yesterday... We'll take a sampling of what we're talking about via The Sun:

The Sun was yesterday given a first look at the apartments and townhouses which will accommodate up to 17,000 Olympic athletes next year before becoming a ready-made new neighbourhood for East Londoners.

The newly-named East Village, on the doorstep of The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, promises to join the city's top addresses — with its own postcode, E20 — from 2013.

In the meantime it will be the base for Olympians like Jamaican Usain and Paralympians from more than 200 countries next year, including 550 athletes from Team GB.

Yesterday an army of 3,000 fluorescent-jacketed, hard-hatted workers was putting the finishing touches to the £1billion state-of-the-art development — landscaping gardens, laying pavements and testing how airtight the swish, underfloor-heated apartments are.


We even got the news release from someone who thought we covered other East Villages. And it included a video. Dizzy.

After the Olympics, NYU plans to buy this East Village.

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