Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breaking: Japadog opening on Jan. 5; lines to start forming Jan. 2

[Friday outside the Japadogster home, by Bobby Williams]

Grub Street hears that the Japadog location is opening at 30 St. Mark's Place on Jan. 5. (They have a copy of the menu too.)

No word just yet when the lines will start forming ... so we'll go with Jan. 2. Bring your blankets!

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Cue the long lines: Japadog opening first New York City location on St. Mark's Place


Anonymous said...

STFU about lines, you're being so dramatic, I don't think there are going to be huge lines for this, I can't wait til you see!

Anonymous said...

Swing and a miss

Jeremy said...

Anon 11:59 doesn't really get EV Grieve's humor I guess...