Tuesday, December 20, 2011

145 Avenue C sells for $9.7 million

A reader told us that residents of 649 E. Ninth St. (aka 145 Avenue C) recently received notification that their building had been sold. (Indeed, Streeteasy notes that the sale was for $9.7 million.)

According to the reader, an entity named Ninth and C LLC now owns the building, but that the previous owner, Marolda Properties, would remain the managing agent of the building.

City property records show that the address for Ninth and C LLC is in Houston.

The address listed is 1919 Post Oak Park Drive, home of the Post Oak Park Luxury Apartments.

Per the Post Oak Park website: "Enjoy the convenience of a premier Uptown address while living in a community that provides a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city. ... Experience luxury living in your own private sanctuary from the outside world overlooking streams, ponds, scenic gardens and a five-acre wooded park."

Winther Investment, Inc., "an upscale multifamily lifestyle development company" based in Houston, owns Post Oak Park.

Winther, whose address is 1919 Post Oak Park Drive, has "upscale multifamily lifestyle developments located throughout the United States," including Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Little Rock and Columbus, Ohio.

The Winther website describes most of these properties as an "oasis" of "luxury" in the "shadow" of the respective downtowns. Most of their properties appear to be new. Not sure just yet what Winther's interest is in 145 Avenue C. (An investment? Chance to expand the portfolio?) We're still connecting the dots.

According to the Winther website, the privately held company "excels at identifying the ideal urban setting, and then carefully integrates neo-traditional architecture, resort-style site design and lush terraced landscaping themes to create a warm and inviting community to live, work and play."

Perhaps Winther had identified 145 Avenue C as a future fit for "resort-style site design."


LU LU said...

Should we all be concerned that Ben shaoul is swiftly buying up the EV?

EV Grieve said...

In this case, he's selling.

Anonymous said...

WOW what a bunch of ..... Right next to the old LIMBO LOUNGE which was a Garbage truck garage HOW UPSCALE is it BEDBUG FREE and RAT FREE

Anonymous said...

Creative writing 102.

Anonymous said...

They seem to have BIG plans for this building...like moving it to Queens?

BBnet3000 said...

whats with the form saying queens?

Anonymous said...

Um, Limbo was on Avenue A @4th Street. Not even sure what your point was, anyhow.

tim milk said...

What a dump.

Anonymous said...

It has views on two sides of two huge community gardens. Lots of light. Views. Less noise from businesses.