Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week in Grieview

[You must come hear the pudding singing in the copper! Last night with Tiny Tim]

Vampire Freaks is closing (Wednesday)

A grim look at what's left of the Mars Bar (Monday)

Remembering Joe Strummer on the 9th anniversary of his death (Thursday)

RIP the New Charlie's (Tuesday)

The Standard East Village is hiring (Tuesday)

Meet Markand Thaker (Thursday)

Big sale for 145 Avenue C (Tuesday)

Here's January's CB3/SLA agenda (Thursday)

A passenger shoots out a cab's window on Avenue A (Monday)

The Sunburnt Cow closed during NYPD investigation (Tuesday)

Japadog opens on Jan. 5 (Wednesday)

7-Eleven opens (Friday)

Austin Mahone fans flood Avenue A (Monday)

EV Grieve turned 4 (in blog years) (Wednesday)

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