Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tompkins Square Park loses another tree

Oh no. A tree came down last night in Tompkins Square Park... Doesn't appear to be any damage, but ... we've lost far too many trees this year in the Park, including five or so during Hurricane Irene ... Photos by Bobby Williams...


Uncle Waltie said...

Sorry to see that. I'm sure the people responsible for the park's trees and plants make every effort to minimize damage from inclement nature. Every now and then they lose. The (visual) transformation of this park over the last dozen years or so is nothing short of astounding. The lushness and variety of greens from spring to autumn could never have been imagined 15 - 20 years ago. I realize it's a somewhat awkward moment to heap praise on the caretakers of the park.

Anonymous said...

It's not an awkward moment, it's simply undeserved.
Tompkins is one of the worst maintained parks per number of onsite staff, in this entire city.
(Uncle Waltie needs to visit a few more city parks)
That said, NYC has the worst general care for it's trees of any major city I have ever lived in or visited.

Uncle Waltie said...

@anon 4:31PM
I guess I don't get around much anymore - hehe. You seem to have much better information and higher standards than I. Therefor, I rescind my previous comment. I stand erected.