Thursday, December 22, 2011

More about January's CB3/SLA meeting: New tenants for Angels & Kings and that kind of weird sushi-Jello shot place on the Bowery


Let's pick up from yesterday's post... actually, let's just incorporate that into one big post...

(Meeting time: Monday, January 9 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street at Bowery.)

Here are some of the items... the whole shebang is here.

Sidewalk Café Applications

• Hair of the Dog (168 Orchard St Partners Inc), 168 Orchard St

Awesome name.

• 5 Napkin Burger (Bizet LLC), 150 E 14th St.

Coming soon to the southwest corner of 14th Street and Third Avenue ...

Corporate Change

• La Vie (Le Cave LLC) 64 E 1st St (op)

Coming on the one year anniversary in which one of La Vie's owners inexplicably called District Manager Susan Stetzer a "racist" during a committee meeting. (Read about it here.)

Applications within Resolution Areas

• To be Determined, 6 St Marks Pl 1st Fl (wb)

• BK's, 115 Ave C (op)

The former place called Porch...

• JB Sushi (Marco's 88 Inc), 15 St Marks Pl (up/op)

• Bad Burger (Violily LLC), 171 Ave A (wb)

The news release announcing the opening here promised that they would seek "to eventually serve Craft Beer and a Sommelier-honed Wine List."


• Goat Town (511 E 5th Street LLC), 511 E 5th St (up/op)


New Liquor License Applications

• BareBurger (Bare City Two LLC), 85 2nd Ave (wb)

What's coming to the former Sin Sin space at East Fifth Street.

• To be Determined, 125-127 1st Ave (op)

We have some info on here, but will hold on to it until we verify a few things...

• Café Khufu (Café Khufu LLC), 61 E 3rd St (wb)


• Wisemen (355 WM Restaurant Inc), 355 Bowery (op)

Oh no! Not that kind of weird sushi-Jello shot place that we recently wrote about... they have been closed of late ("kitchen renovation").

• Calliope (67 Second Avenue LLC), 84 E 4th St (op)

This is the address for Belcourt ... Chef Matthew Hamilton recently moved on from here, as the Times reported ...

• Tinks Bake House Inc, 102 E 7th St (wb)

That incoming bakery between Avenue A and First Avenue must want a license to pair wine and stuff with their desserts...

• Zi'Peps, 424 E 9th St (wb)

The newish Italian place on East Ninth Street ...

• Keybar, 500 E 11th St (op)

Well, Keybar has been trying to move from its current East 13th Street home (last month to 14 Avenue B) ... and now to Angels & Kings? The onetime emo hotspot showed Penn State football games this past fall... We have a message to the A&K folks to find out more about their future...

• A&P Restaurant Corp, 245-247 E Houston St aka 190 Norfolk St (op)

Hmm... changes coming to the Remedy Diner?


Anonymous said...

Has anyone eaten at Bad Burger? I am curious what people have to say. I was interested in it before it opened, but I haven't gone in yet.

dmbream said...

Oooh...the old Revitali space.

Do tell...

EV Grieve said...

@ anon

Been curious myself... been meaning to try the place...

EV Grieve said...


At least it won't be a Starbucks!

Robert Ceraso said...

I'm assuming Goat Town is trying for their full liquor. They're nice, doing well and obviously not a bar.
Hope they get it.

argie said...

I'm in favor of 5 Napkin Burger's existence (I've eaten at the Hell's Kitchen one and it was tasty), but a sidewalk cafe there is madness! It's already so crowded there. Hard to even wait for the light to change without getting knocked over.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I tried Bad Burger for breakfast (omelet, homefries, toast, coffee) and the food was very good. My friend had a burger, which he said was better than most. Staff was nice. My only complaint was it was damn cold in there - maybe they can resolve that problem before winter sets in.

Dave on 7th said...

Most of the sidewalk cafes feel like madness to me, so I have to more than agree with the sentiment that sidewalk seating at 3rd ave and 14 th st a particular kind of madness.