Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do not look at the flashing new Mediterranean Grill sign for too long

Over here at what was the Kebab Garden on First Avenue near St. Mark's Place... A reader said that the same owners are behind the Mediterranean Grill... But have you seen the sign? Still photos don't do it justice... it blinks and flickers and other things that seem a little seizurey ...

I'd have shot a video, but I'm afraid the result of people watching it ... would be like a scene from "The Happening." Or something. Looking forward to trying the gyros, though.

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Dr Gecko said...

Just popped over there: they're not playing with the sign at present, but the insides are looking nice, and the owner said they plan to open tomorrow.

It would be culturally sensitive to ask for a döner (Turksih) rather than a gyro (Greek). It's apparently Turkish in origin, anyway: