Thursday, December 8, 2011

Drilling resumes at the Mystery Lot

Back in August, drillers were drilling away at the Mystery Lot (link here) ...

Today, the drillers are resuming the drilling here off 14th Street and Third Avenue!

[Courtesy of @salim]

What horrible fate awaits this long-empty lot? It very well may be Balazsed. In October, The Real Deal reported that developer Charles Blaichman paid $33.2 million for the site. As Curbed noted at the time, Blaichman was a partner with Jay-Z and Andre Balazs on the hotel that never happened on West 14th Street; and as a partner with Balazs on a doomed project on West 21st Street.

Can we expect the Standard East Union Square one day?

And another hotel? Why, there isn't a new hotel within a block of here!

[The incoming Hyatt Union Square on 14th Street and Fourth Avenue, photographed Sunday]

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone answer a question on development that has long vexed me?

Is there a height restriction to East Village buildings? When built on corners? When built "in block," a la Mystery Lot?

Can any reader answer...or the Griever himself?

Crazy Eddie said...

Maybe fracking in the Mystery Lot? Why not, it "creates" jobs.

Anonymous said...

this is going to be a condo. it was purchased with a new jersey developer who builds condos.