Friday, December 16, 2011

[Updated] FDNY blocks off part of First Avenue

[Photo via @MaryJSums]

Per a reader: "Lots of fire dept action on First Ave between First and Second Streets for the last half hour. Lots of firemen going in and out of [Lil' Frankie's] and the block closed off."

Bobby Williams was on the scene and took these photos... Lil Frankie's passes along word that they are open tonight... the FDNY extinguished a small blaze this afternoon, according to several EVG readers on the scene ... (DNAinfo has a report here.)

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Anonymous said...

As they were winding up I asked one of the firemen if everyone was ok, he said everyone was fine, no injuries and that it was just a small fire in the wall.
So I guess it was just a .....lil fire in lil frankies?