Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The night that the music died on East 14th Street

EV Grieve reader joe spotted this old beaut outside the Crocodile Lounge on East 14th Street last evening...

He couldn't find a date of manufacture, but the 10-year warranty must have expired.

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LvV said...

It was still there this morning. It really is beautiful.

That yellow square, btw, is a notepad, on which someone wrote "Please save this beauty, it can be fixed!" I don't know much about pianos (though I can play you a crappy version of "Jingle Bells") but I wonder if it can be fixed. ALL the keys are completely stuck and the panels are decaying. But I hope this person is right and someone saves it.

So stop leaving your goddamn empty coffee cups on it, litterbugs!