Friday, December 2, 2011

Not even a film shoot can move this motorcycle

This motorcycle on East Fourth Street near First Avenue has been stationary and chained to the signpost for at least a year, EV Grieve reader @bndo figures.

Meanwhile, today, all the cars on this block (and others) were moved or towed to make way for the "Smash" film crews. For some unknown reason, as @bndo points out, the tow people spared the motorcycle.

Also: Earlier today on St. Mark's Place: Someone who didn't pay attention to the No Parking signs that "Smash" crews posted earlier in the week...


abrod said...

I live on that corner, the motorcycle actually does move (but only across the street) every now and then. For a few months a summer or two ago, it had one of those enormous Sanitation Dept stickers on it, cause they couldn't move it. If I recall correctly, it was on the north side of 4th street at the time too.

Kitsune Omajinai said...

A few nights ago I saw 2 guys filming a skateboarding video utilizing it. One guy jumped over it then proceeded to skate down 1st Ave. They did this a few times, with the camera man filming from a board of his own.