Monday, December 19, 2011

Rentals likely at Houston and Suffok

[EVG file photo]

Two weeks ago, BoweryBoogie brought the news that the owner of parcels of land on East Houston — specifically the now-vacant 255 (above) — and Suffolk Street are seeking a rezoning here.

This afternoon, Crain's is reporting that bids are due tomorrow for the L-shaped space, where a building of up to 70,000-square-feet could be constructed. Those involved with the sale believe the new owner will go for apartments here. Per Crain's: "'The site is a great footprint in a next great neighborhood,' said Nat Rockett, executive vice president at Cushman & Wakefield Inc., which is marketing the site.

Here is 255 E. Houston, which will be demolished in the process, from a few years ago...

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Anonymous said...

Great, another awesome building down the tubes. This city is going to hell in a glass condo handbasket.