Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Report: Worker injured during demolition of former Mars Bar space

[Yesterday at 9-17 Second Avenue. By Bobby Williams]

A member of the crew demolishing 9-17 Second Ave. was injured this afternoon after debris fell on him, DNAinfo reported. Per their account:

"A worker at the site, located at 11 Second Ave. at the corner of East First Street, suffered a leg injury in the incident about 2 p.m. and was transported to Bellevue Hospital, the FDNY said."

The DOB is apparently on the scene inspecting the rest of the site.


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Anonymous said...

About a week ago, I watched from Whole Foods while someone inside the building used an oxyacetylene torch to cut something outside the building; it seemed to me to be the fire escape.

I remember thinking: "That looks odd."; but since I cannot speak authoritatively about fire escape removal, maybe it was not unusual. It just looked like the removal was a bit to close the the edge of the sidewalk shed for true pedestrian safety.

But I do know, since I eat at Whole Foods often in the AM, that it seems the FD has rolled up there more than once.