Thursday, December 1, 2011

So where's that horrible-looking hotel coming to 347 Bowery?

Of late it seems that all we do around here is chronicle buildings being demolished. Such as:

51 Astor Place

9-17 Second Avenue

74-76 Third Avenue

185-193 Avenue B

326-328 E. Fourth St.

316 E. Third St.

35 Cooper Square

331 E. Sixth St.

So what's left next?

Our money is/was on 347 Bowery at East Third Street, where that French guy is going to build a boutique hotel at the site of the Salvation Army's East Village Residence. Let's refresh your memory:

Oh, yeah — come to daddy!

On Jan. 12, the Post first reported that France’s Louzon Group bought the former Salvation Army building for $7.6 million with plans to turn it into a boutique hotel with one of their restaurants on the ground floor.

So, nearly 11 months later, we took a look at the DOB to see if Louzon had any permits on file for sidewalk sheds, complete demolition, etc. There is nothing on file. With the exception of someone removing the big Salvation Army sign a few months ago, the place looks pretty good for being vacant for three years.

(Off topic: Is there any address in the area that Wacky Wok hasn't left a menu?) In any event, awfully quiet here. Perhaps the French were scared off by the incoming 7-Eleven next door? To be continued.

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Why do the French hate us?


Anonymous said...

The hotel up the block can't stay out of bankruptcy, so why would they think that putting a hotel here would do any better? The Bowery is so over.

Goggla said...

I break out in hives every time I see that rendering.

Perhaps the 7/11 has scared them away? A slushie a day keeps the craptarchitecture away...